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Certificate copy information
from PC to smartphone

KFTC provides its services based on certificate for safer and securer eletronic financial transaction.

  • In order to use mobile babking service with smartphone, you need to "copy" your certificate issued to your PC to smartphone.
  • Please click "Send certificate" button to continue certificate copy.

※ Detail process of "Send certificate" can be found from "View details"

※ For Android users click this to see how to copy certificate to smartphone through usb (Click☞)

Send certificate(copy) view details
pc - Click Send certificate button, Select a Certificate, Input Certificate Password, Input authorization code insmartphone and then click Next button / Smart phone - Excute Certificate Inport, Click Create Authorization Code, Confirm authorization code, Confirm certificate, Importing certificate completed
Manual installation of certificate sending (copy) program button Manual installation of keyboard security program button